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 1943/44: War in Abruzzo


During the time devoted to the preparation work, we have drawn a point of reflection that is any inititiative aimed at poursuing a noble goal is likely to be regarded positively by both institutions and people who deal with the subject.
We feel obliged to those who provided us with assistance throughout the preparation period and encouraged us to implement the idea.
Our deep gratitude goes to our friend Gordon Foster, member of the friends of the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa, and his charming wife Mai-yu Chan, for giving us suggestions on how to think up a test suitable for conveying a message of respect and remembrance for all the people who fell in war, and places situated in the Sangro area which experienced fierce fighting. Their help was essential for linking us up with the National Archives of Canada as well as the Canadian War Museum. Moreover, they sent a book as a present "the Battle of Ortona" by Mark Zuelhke, enabling us to go into the subject more deeply.
We are indebted to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission for sending us relevant literature and answering our request for permission to use their material about The Moro River Cemetery and the Sangro River Cemetery. We are thankful to Stoddart publishing for authorizing us to put the cover of the above mentioned book on our web page as evidence of the international fame which is officially recognized in both events and places.
Our special thanks and praise go to Mr Bert Bradford (Gunner Bert Bradford Battlefields Tours) for setting up an excellent tour of the Italian battlefields on behalf of the Italy Star Association 1943-1945 (New Zealand Branch). Many thanks to Mr Bruce Barrymore Halpenny who impressed us for his ties with Ortona and all our gratitude for offering a copy of his "Wartime Poems" dedicated to the memory of both his father who fought in the first World War, and his uncle, commander of the first tank to arrive in Ortona, as well as for allowing us to publish the photo of the first tank to enter the town.
We are obliged to Prof Giovanni Nativio for telling us about war time in Abruzzo, enabling us to achieve a fuller understanding of the military strategy related to the famous Gustav Line, and particularly for giving us a copy of his book "La Guerra in Abruzzo".
Finally we thank the municipalities of both Ortona and Orsogna for their assistance and generosity in making material available to us.




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